Download tekken 3 apk game for android however its not release by officially but its very good apk file of takken 3 to play on every android mobile that have 2 or 2+ android version. you can make fun with your friends. its a multi player fighting game have lot of fun on it. now make your mobile like play station to play every takken game.

tekken 3

the android game tekken 3 is available trusted no virus no ads no frustrating things on website. just click on download button and you will redirect to download link for tekken 3.

Tekken 3 APK for Android – Free Download tekken 3 is one of the best classic Arcade game in the world of games. It is the third game session released of the Tekken fighting game series which children and their parents used to play on their PlayStation, xbox and computer. It was to much addictive game that people could not stop playing this game for many hours. However, the time has changed now! There has been a lot of improvement in the game industry, but Tekken 3 game apk is still loved by a lot of people on the earth. Tekken 3 is still widely considered as one of the greatest games of its genre, and of all time.

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